28 December 2012  //  design

TW Workshop Planters

British designer, Tracy Wilkinson launched TW Workshop earlier this year for her new collection of handmade ceramics, one of a kind furniture and home accessories. I love her planters, ceramic vessels intricately woven with wicker and twine. The rustic, handmade look would be a wonderful way to warm up a modern space—especially this time of year! She has a masters degree in fashion and textile design from the royal college of art, and now lives and works in LA. Shake it Tracy.






13 December 2012  //  design

Fredricks & Mae – War Games

“Would you like to play a game?” Yes, I’m quoting the 80′s movie War Games! Anyway…how wonderful are the “War Games” by Fredericks & Mae?! Jolie Mae Signorile and Gabriel Fredericks Cohen are an art/design team who create unique and often unexpected objects for the home. What a fun gift for the design lover in your life. Shake it.


4 December 2012  //  design


Curtis Micklish designs and builds wonderful creations out of wood and metal. I found this bike rack on Etsy and was instantly smitten. I love the concept of hanging your bike like a piece of art and this simple little shelf is perfect for that. One of my other favorite pieces of his is The Butler. The Butler is made to fit your wallet and keys in the top sleeve, your iphone on the side slot, with a concealed space for your charging cord, glasses, hat or whatever other go-to item on the slide out walnut piece. Check the time and go. Shake it Curtis.


16 October 2012  //  design

Stuck Chair by OATO Design Office

I do believe it’s been a while since I have mentioned a fabulous chair. So here it is—the Stuck Chair by OATO Design Office. It was created by taking apart all the elements of an archetypical chair and rearranging them as if they were simply stuck together. This way it doesn’t need additional supports. All the elements now have a supporting role in the total structure of the chair. The chair is made entirely of oak wood and powder coated steel, not to mention it looks super cool. Shake it.

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30 September 2012  //  design

Find Your Happy Upcycled Baskets

Sarah is a designer living in New South Wales. She is Find Your Happy. Sarah creates these wonderful baskets—the first are from a series called ‘Roped in Neon’. They are made with natural cotton rope and nylon brickies line. The other series, ‘Waste Paper Baskets’ are  made from recycled junk mail. She uses various pages of junk mail twisted and stitched into form. Sarah hand sews all of her baskets from found materials and coil them into unique shapes. No two baskets are the same. She says “I have a keen interest in sustainability and utilizing found materials in my work. Every one of my designs are hand made with love.”  Shake it Sarah.



28 September 2012  //  design

Gypsya Handmade Blankets

Gypsya is a collective of three families of artists collaborating together to create beautiful handmade treasures. Their blankets are some of the most beautiful I have seen. Each is quilted on a beautiful screen print using 100% organic cotton and natural dyes. They are hand dyed, hand stitched, and each one of a kind. Available in twin, queen or king and they even have pillows to match. Shake it Gypsya.


26 September 2012  //  design

Pelle Design Bubble Lights

Well I am still loving Jean Pelle’s chandeliers. The lightweight chandeliers are created by tying together hand-blown glass balls with cables and cotton twine. Originally designed by Jean Pelle for ReadyMade Magazine, it’s a beautiful design you can make yourself, or if you aren’t feeling quite that crafty, visit his etsy shop where he has many new designs available. Shake it and sparkle Jean Pelle.


29 August 2012  //  design

Genbyg (recycled) Design

Genbyg Design (recycled design) specializes in making furniture from upcycled building materials. In their Copenhagen workshop they create unique, functional pieces with the emphasis on sustainable design. This piece is one of my favorites, a desk made from old filing drawers and salvaged Oregon pine. Shake it.

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13 August 2012  //  design

Keating Woodworks

I am loving everything about Keating Woodworks, from his craftsmanship and attention to detail, to his tag-line “Made in the mid-west with my own bare hands”. Geoffrey Keating is a fifth-generation furniture maker, his grandfathers built churches and monasteries throughout the southwestern United States. Geoffrey worked as a roofer in Texas and a mechanic for a professional racing team before getting his graduate degrees in theology from Yale and Notre Dame. Then he decided to do what his ancestors have done and work with wood. His goal is to create furniture that is “as beautiful as it is useful.” I think he has done just that. Shake it Geoffrey.

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17 July 2012  //  design

Society Bedding – Blankets

Society Bedding is produced by the Limonta Group, a 120 year old textile design house in Europe. They have a complete line of duvets, sheeting, and bed spreads but their blankets are my favorite. I would just love to layer one of them on top of a white linen duvet. Society Bedding is oh so dreamy.

shake it.

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