13 April 2012  //  bottlecaps

Ship & Shape Mini Planters

Oh my gosh it’s itsy bitsy teeny weeny planters! Ship & Shape makes these adorable homes for your succulents or air plants. The little guys are 2.5 inch cubes and come in five different colors. Love them. Shake it Ship & Shape!

via poppytalk


23 February 2012  //  bottlecaps

Barky Turntable

Calling all Vinyl fans! This smooth slice of ashwood is outfitted with a Premotech motor and a Rega tonearm, a weighty glass platter and adjustable spike legs, made by Audiowood. Wood and glass - 5″H, 15″W, 15″D – and it’s handmade in US—but it’s $1300 bucks. Hey but  I say instead of having two turn tables and a microphone, this stands alone. One barky turntable and a microphone. Shake it!


21 February 2012  //  bottlecaps

My New Headphones

I have posted about different headphones over the years that have great design. I’ve never actually owned a pair of decent headphones, so I decided to invest in some. I emailed a friend at apple who is also a DJ and he said to get Panasonics, that they’re inexpensive and have good sound quality. I found them on Amazon for $30! I got cherry red because they are now the official sodapopgirl headphones. I put them on to watch my nightly Netflix series (I’ll never tell which one) and I was blown away. A whole new world of sound. I love them. I’m shakin it.


18 February 2012  //  bottlecaps

Gift Shop Brooklyn – Metallic Clutches

Truth be told I wasn’t going to blog today. It’s Saturday, and then the next thing ya know I clicked on Gift Shop Brooklyn and her clutches are shiny and sparkly and awesome. I couldn’t help it — So I present to you Metallic Clutches by Annie Olean Bukhman. She of course lives in Brooklyn and handmakes all of her bags. All of her materials are sourced from the U.S. and a good portion of the supplies come from Etsy. Well I adore them. Annie certainly knows how to shake it. Happy Saturday!!


17 February 2012  //  bottlecaps

Vintage Camera Night Lights

Tonight I happened upon Jayfish’s Vintage Camera Night lights, I said out loud “YES!” Totally awesome. Jayfish converts old cameras from the 50′s and 60′s into nightlights. What’s cool is that he doesn’t modify cameras if they are in pristine condition, or are rare. He says he would rather those stay usable. The cameras he has chosen are lightweight plastic, produced in huge numbers and easily found for sale at flea markets, garage sales or ebay. Go on and Shake it Jayfish.






6 February 2012  //  bottlecaps

Diana F+ Camera – CMYK

So in the 60s an all-plastic camera, the Diana showed up on the market. It was marketed as a novelty item. The next thing ya know it was wildly popular—twisted, haphazard effects, from multiple exposures to light leaks. Exactly like the original, this awesome camera, glorious with it’s neon yellow, blue, and magenta, comes with a classic electronic flash, colored gel filters, an instructional manual, a hardcover photo book, a lens cap, and a  secure neck strap. Oh baby shake it.

via modcloth


1 February 2012  //  bottlecaps

JacQ Vintage Ruler Cuffs

Jacqueline von Tesmar makes all of her pieces in a small studio in Brooklyn, New York. She disassembles the rulers and shapes them into bracelets with light hammering and filing, vintage and new, no two are exactly alike. I just adore them and what makes them even more special are her detailed descriptions of each….

“This is a handmade round bangle from a vintage Stanley fold out ruler. It is aluminum with a steel bracket on the inside of one end where the ruler used to be riveted together. The numbers and marking lines are raised and a the original black coloring is mostly intact. The bangle measures approximately 7″ round x 1/2″ wide and has a 1/2″ space for rooling it over your wrist, and can be closed down a little once it’s on. The numbers on the outside are 1 through 5, and the numbers on the inside are 67 through 71. This piece says ‘Stanley’, ‘SW’ in a heart, ‘No. 426′ and ‘Made in U.S.A.’ on the outside. On the inside; “PAT’D 12-2-13″ and “1-9-17-12-4-17″ on theinside. ’JACQ 2011′ is engraved on the end.” Shake it JacQ.


17 January 2012  //  bottlecaps

Alt Summit!

I’m on my way to Salt Lake City For Alt Summit! I am so excited. This is the first time I have gone to Alt. I’m going to get to meet so many wonderful bloggers whom I’ve talked with over the years—and see some of my super stars! Remember to shake it while I am gone. See you next week. xoxoox

image via wood and wood stool


13 January 2012  //  bottlecaps

Plaid Pigeon Planters

When I came across Plaid Pigeon I didn’t expect to find such a wonderfully lovely “about” page. Ian and Megan met and fell in love while living in Southern California. They are a small operation, just the two of them and their dogs Rigby and Matilda. In their words— “Our sense of adventure brought us to Austin, Texas where we started Plaid Pigeon in 2010. Plaid Pigeon is based off of a love of working together, succulent plants, and craft projects.”  Oh my gosh, shake it Ian and Megan.

via etsy 


10 January 2012  //  bottlecaps

Colored Pencils – Brook Farm General Store

Brook Farm General Store is a small shop in Brooklyn. It is a neighborhood store, modeled on the traditional general stores of New York City, but with a modern interpretation. I spy a box of twelve, triangular, colored drawing pencils in a beechwood storage box with sliding top. Yes please. Shake it. 

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