5 January 2013  //  art

Valerie Rubinaccio – RISINGgoods

Just when I was feeling oh so uninspired, Valerie Rubinaccio emailed me with a gorgeous submission. Her stunning black and white photos and her geometric landscapes are simply gorgeous. Valerie is a Brooklyn based artist (how did you guess) and in addition to her photography, she makes jewelry and smart totes. Thank you for reminding me why I love blogging. Shake it Valerie!



Rising 3




28 December 2012  //  design

TW Workshop Planters

British designer, Tracy Wilkinson launched TW Workshop earlier this year for her new collection of handmade ceramics, one of a kind furniture and home accessories. I love her planters, ceramic vessels intricately woven with wicker and twine. The rustic, handmade look would be a wonderful way to warm up a modern space—especially this time of year! She has a masters degree in fashion and textile design from the royal college of art, and now lives and works in LA. Shake it Tracy.






24 December 2012  //  art

!Merry Christmas!






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21 December 2012  //  threads

A Slip Shop

One of my favorite things is wearing a vintage slip under a dress, I love the look of a bit of lace showing around the hem. Ann and Katy, from Dallas, started A Slip Shop in their garage so they could have some fun (and bring in a bit of extra money) while caring for their little ones. They make gorgeous, custom slips that are meant to be seen and add an extra bit of pretty to your dress or skirt. I just adore their shop. They say, “Your slip is showing… and we love it.” Shake it Ann and Katy!

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19 December 2012  //  bottlecaps

See By Us – Reading Glasses

Update: I still have 20/20 eyes and yes, I still want glasses. I may have found the solution! The Swedish company, See By Us makes  fabulously stylish reading glasses with +power and… even no power (shhh don’t tell anyone). They say “in that way we turn to all that simply feel the urge to update their look with a pair of urban spectacles.” That would be me, I adore the dark red/ecru pair.  Shake it See By Us.


13 December 2012  //  design

Fredricks & Mae – War Games

“Would you like to play a game?” Yes, I’m quoting the 80′s movie War Games! Anyway…how wonderful are the “War Games” by Fredericks & Mae?! Jolie Mae Signorile and Gabriel Fredericks Cohen are an art/design team who create unique and often unexpected objects for the home. What a fun gift for the design lover in your life. Shake it.


11 December 2012  //  bottlecaps

The Best Night Lights Ever – MoutonCerise

Cécile Bernard lives in Bégard, France where she creates these magical night lights for her shop MoutonCerise. They are powered with an LED light and have an adorable little switch on top. I have to say, there are so many things on Etsy I dream of, but I think these may be at the top of my wish list. Her shop is a joy and she ships worldwide *hint, hint*. Oh my gosh, shake it Cécile.

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10 December 2012  //  tunes

Alt-J – Tessellate


7 December 2012  //  art

Rebecca Rothfus – Paintings

Rebecca Rothfus documents her fascination with cell phone towers in her minimal paintings. She incorporates abstract, geometric imagery representative of sound waves and rays of sun to further idealize the cell towers. She says “they carry with them a feeling of optimism and progress yet serve as a reminder of our dependence on technology and rapid development of land.” Shake it Rebecca.

via the fox is black


4 December 2012  //  design


Curtis Micklish designs and builds wonderful creations out of wood and metal. I found this bike rack on Etsy and was instantly smitten. I love the concept of hanging your bike like a piece of art and this simple little shelf is perfect for that. One of my other favorite pieces of his is The Butler. The Butler is made to fit your wallet and keys in the top sleeve, your iphone on the side slot, with a concealed space for your charging cord, glasses, hat or whatever other go-to item on the slide out walnut piece. Check the time and go. Shake it Curtis.

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